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3D Projects

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 Have you thought of framing your 3D pics in mirror?  This is a very stylish presentation.  Use a frame size larger than your mirror.  Remove a basic shape from your mirror so that your pic will be displayed. Cover the frames backing board with your desired paper or finish and then position and adhere your 3D pic to the backing board of the frame.  Now position strips of foam board or dimensional tape onto 2 edges of the mirror backing so that it can be raised above the pic. Fasten the mirror into place using double sided tape.

For people who would just like to frame their 3D pics, project packs are available in the store where an oval has already been removed.  For Mirrorcrafters create your own layouts.

  We have step-by-step 3D papers for projects as specials this month to place into mirror.  These look really effective taking out a basic shape such as an oval from your mirror and then framing with a 3D pic.  Use a frame larger than your mirror so that you have a border, and raise the mirror using foam board or dimensional tape. The sample shown uses a 7x5 frame and a 6x4 mirror.  Actual project packs are available in the web store in addition to the sheets pictured below being available separately.

 For children’s gifts there are sheets with Pooh bear, Tigger and Eeawe.

For adult gifts beautiful birds from the Camarca Series.



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