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If you love to teach craft you may like to add Mirrorcraft to your list. Mirrorcraft teachers  learn by way of numerous projects how to place all manner of images into mirror, learn how to make stencils to create individual designs in mirror, learn how to use etched decals for mirror and glass.

Once established as an authorized Mirrorcraft teacher you can teach your students around the country.  This is a great opportunity for both the serious crafter and established craft teachers.  Mirrorcraft teachers are able to receive Discounted Mirrorcraft Products, Discounted Papercraft Products, Discounted Sheepskin Products.

Teaching Mirrorcraft is a great way to meet new friends and earn some extra money.  You can tailor classes to suit your own interests.

Your teacher starter pack is only $295.00 plus $20.00 P&H (Australia)

For more information email Irene Jacobs - irene@mirrorcraft.com.au


Exercises & Projects to develop your skills to place images into mirror are included in this pack.

The pack includes 1 - 11x14" mirror, 6 - 8x10" mirrors and a glass bowl in addition to project packs, instruction manual and full back up support. 

After the completion of  each project you will go over the skills being developed in detail with Irene Jacobs to ensure that you are on track to develop the understanding & skills required.


Mini Scrap Page


Heart with Etched Roses


Fairy with Oval


Butterfly & Rectangle


Mirror with decorative Border


Stencil Making Project (Designs Vary)


Collage Project


Decorating with Etched Decals

Cutting Exercises

Exercise Pack for Cutting

Teacher Training Manual

Instructions for Project Packs

Materials Pack

All of the materials you require to complete your projects are included in this pack (except methylated spirits)

After you have completed all of your projects and have demonstrated an understanding of the craft you will be invited by Irene Jacobs to register as a Mirrorcraft Teacher.  Registration is $25.00 per year. 

You will have a dedicated page on the Mirrorcraft Web Site where you can promote any of your classes.  To maintain all of your discount privileges, we ask you to teach a minimum of 20 people per year. 

When you are teaching, students will complete a registration form which is to be forwarded to the Administration Manager Java Rose International Pty Ltd PO Box 58 Narangba Q 4504. 

Always ensure that you maintain your own student register before forwarding the student registration forms.  The registration forms allows us to monitor students, and teachers are able to receive additional awards and benefits based on the number of students they are teaching.

To get started Order your pack today.  Teachers outside of Australia are welcome.  Please Email Irene Jacobs to arrange for delivery of your pack. Freight price will vary depending on location.  irene@mirrorcraft.com.au


Send mail to admin@mirrorcraft.com.au with questions or comments about this web site.
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