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Projects Teacher Pack


MIRRORCRAFT® PROJECTS available individually from teacher training pack





Stencil, Application Tape, Etch Butterfly, Etch Flower

This is a fun project for beginners designed for an 8x10” approx 200x250mm Mirrorcraft Mirror.  Create a mini scrapbook page to display a favourite photo.




Stencil, Hologram Border, Etch Rose, Etch Butterflies, Application tape.

In this project you will create a beautiful mirror to display an array of loving photographs.  The heart border is finished in sparkling hologram pre-cut to size and then roses are added to the front of the mirror to give an etching effect.  The roses are self adhesive.  This project is suitable for beginners.  This project is designed for a 10x8” Mirrorcraft® Mirror.




Stencil to apply to the mirror backing with oval and fairy

Butterflies, Hologram border for oval, Colour artwork for fairy

Hologram to apply to wings with sections cut for holosheen.

Holosheen to apply behind the artwork when completed, Hologram

This project requires a little more skill and care.  The shape of the fairy is removed from the mirror backing.  The fairy has wavy lines tips and points and small sections of mirror left in within the design.  This artwork is coloured and has effects which can be added within the wings and body to create a shimmer and sparkle.  The photo oval also has a hologram border.



Rectangle stencil, plaque stencil, butterfly stencil, colour artwork for butterfly, application tape



This project combines 3 stencils to design your own layout.  The rectangle, plaque and butterfly are all applied separately.  This gives a good introduction to combining shapes.


PROJECT PACK  5 $12.00 – Freestyle Decorative Mirror $


Letter Sheet cut in vinyl cut in mirror image for placing wording inside mirror.  Use to block paint inside of an area being removed to leave wording in silver.  Make up words on backing paper and then transfer to the mirror backing with application tape or place individual letters using a pin.  Letters can be removed from the mirror backing by cutting out silhouette and placing onto the mirror backing.

This pack includes lettering, 3 x butterfly stencils, 4 sheets of vinyl.


 This project is designed to create your own layout using vinyl to mask or cut your own shapes and adding wording and butterflies.  The 2 parts of the butterfly stencil can be used to leave a mirror butterfly within a shape being removed from the mirror backing or taking the shape out of the mirror backing.  There are a myriad of designs in this catalogue which can be used for both removing shapes and blocking shapes to create individual themes.


PROJECT PACK 7 $18.95 – Photo Collage Pack with cnr stencils x 2

This project is designed to create your own mirror collage.  This collage pack has borders on the shapes which can be decorated with glass paints, papers, fabrics or just allowing the photo to show through the border.  There are a variety of stencil shapes and sizes included in this catalogue.


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