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Hologram, Etch & Glow in the Dark Effects Inside of a Mirrorcraft Mirror

Because you are working inside of your Mirrorcraft  Mirror, you are able to add all manner of effects not possible if you were simply sticking something on top of a standard mirror.

For effective borders for photographs, once you have removed sections of the backing paint and silver from your Mirrorcraft Mirror and  have selected sections of clear glass you are able to adhere your hologram or etch to the glass.

The backing paint and silver has been selectively removed and clear glass remains where the photograph, border and artwork will be positioned.


The illustration left shows hologram placed onto the back of the mirror to give a border around the area a photograph will be placed. The artwork has been printed onto translucent film and hologram has been placed onto the wings. This will show through to the front of the mirror

The hologram is visible through the front of the mirror. The effects will change with changing light.


Etch and glow in the dark effects can be added in the same way, by placing the films behind the glass or artwork as applicable.


 The artwork in the mirrors left have been printed on a transparency and backed with crystal etch to give a beautiful sparkle effect.



Cars and motorbikes will have exceptional effects when printed onto a transparency and backed with holosheen.  The paintwork will appear to have a shimmer and the chrome will look awesome!

Holograms & Etched films are also fabulous for card making and decorating glassware!

The vase left is decorated using crystal etch Etched Products


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