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Evelyne Collins


Evelyne was a founding member of the Mirrorcrafters Association of NSW and President for its  first year.  Evelyne teaches out of her studio in Whalan or can come to you for larger groups. Phone 02 96255813  evecol69@yahoo.com.au


Featured Mirror April 2007 - ph 02 96255813 for a class to make this or other projects

Materials used:  Mirrorcraft Mirror with rectangle & border removed, 8x10" photo frame, mat board approx 10x12", 1 sheet of Meguni fantasy flower die cut, coloured cardstock to match flowers, backing card stock for photo, Trichem Jeweltone Clear, tube of silicone, masking tape, acid free glue, Kindy Glitz.


After removing rectangle from the backing of a Mirrorcraft Mirror, dabble clear paint to the border area and allow to dry.

Remove glass from frame and replace with Mirror.  Secure mirror to frame.  Cut strips of mat board 2 1/2 cm wide and glue to inner part of frame above the mirror.  This will support the mat board - 8x10" that will hold the photo and 3D flowers.  Later this will be covered with masking tape.

Cover 8x10" mat board with cardstock that your photo and flowers will be mounted on.

Flowers - Push out die cuts and number them as per sheet. 

bulletBase (Piece # 1)  - shape the leaves slightly and then attach base picture to mat board covered in card stock.  Ensure that the positioning will allow the flower to be visible through the front of the mirror.  Apply glue under flower only.
bulletPiece # 2, shape leaves.  Place small dobs of silicon on each large flower on the base and position piece # 2 above piece#1 ensuring that this piece lines up with the base piece.
bulletPiece # 3.  Shape the flower edges only of the outer petal and mount this above piece 2 using silicone.
bulletPiece #4.  Shape the edges of the petals.  The upturned petals are shaped from the underside.

 Mat Photo - use the darkest colour from the flowers, and position photo where desired.  Decorate with Kindy Glitz around the mat of the photo.

Once dry, the mat board with photo and flower is mounted to the raised mat board on the back of the frame.  Secure with masking tape.


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