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Hologram is double-sided and self-adhesive and available in sheets 200 x 250mm.

This hologram can be applied as borders or special effects in mirrors, cards or any glassware.

NOTE: When using on glassware, allow curing as for Etch. The hologram is not suitable for dishwashers.

Pre-cut borders in Hologram are available for 106S Heart, 101S Heart, 095S Oval & 113 Oval.

HOLOCRY Crystal Hologram                         200 x 250                    $4.95

Crystal hologram gives chunky hologram effect.

HOLOMOS Mosaic Hologram                         200 x 250                    $4.95

Mosaic hologram has small even squares

HOLOSTAR Stardust Hologram                      200 x 250                    $4.95

Stardust hologram has an array of small coloured dots.

 HOLOFAIRY Fairydust Hologram                  200 x 250                     $4.95

Fairydust hologram is similar to stardust but much finer.

 HOLOHYPER Hyperplaid Hologram              200 x 250                     $4.95

This hologram shimmers with lines of colour as it catches the light.

 HOLOSHEEN Holosheen Hologram              200 x 250                      $4.95

Holosheen gives a constantly changing effect behind translucent colour artwork.

 Hologram borders are usually cut in Fairydust hologram but stardust and crystal hologram are used from time to time.

 HOL106 Hologram border for Heart 106S                                         $4.40

HOLO101S Hologram border for Heart 101S                                     $3.00

HOLO095S Hologram border for Oval 095S                                       $3.00

HOLO113 Hologram border for Oval 113                                          $1.50


Don’t’ worry if you have never done Mirrorcraft® before.  Once you get started it is not difficult to learn and we have back up support for all students of the craft.

 Step by step basic instruction sheets can be included in your order and if you are unsure just contact Irene Jacobs on 07 3886 9465 or our helpline help@mirrorcraft.com.au

 If you would prefer to have classes look up a teacher near you on our web site.   I personally teach in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.


Irene Jacobs





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