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Color 2



Stencils are weeded and have application tape applied.  For interesting effects holosheen can be used to back the artwork. 

  CS009 M Stained Glass Flowers    $13.50



CS010 M Stained Glass Lorikeets      $13.50


CS034 M Lorikeets in Umbrella             $13.50



CS035 M Koala in Forked Tree         $13.50




CS036 M Hotrod                      $13.50


                                ACETATE STENCILS for PAINTING-8x 10(M) & 11x 14L

Remove shape from the mirror backing and then paint acetate with water-based paints glass paints or acrylics or glaze pens. Pack includes stencil weeded and with application tape applied and design printed on acetate ready to paint.                                                                          

S001 M Stork and Oval       $8.50

S001 L Stork and Oval       $10.50


S006 M Dragon and Oval       $8.50

S006 L Dragon and Oval      $10.50   


S008 M Jessie Leigh Fairy     $8.50

S008 L Jessie Leigh Fairy     $10.50


S060 M Heart and Roses            $8.50                                                  

S060 L Heart and Roses            $10.50 



S061 M Teddy                          $8.50  

S061 L teddy                         $10.50  



S062 M heart with glass     $8.50

 S062 L heart with glass     $10.50



S063 M Elephant with Oval       $8.50  

S063 L Elephant with Oval        $10.50 


S064 M Wizard with Oval        $8.50

S064 L Wizard with Oval        $10.50


S065 M Car and Oval                 $8.50

S065 L Car and Oval                  $10.50



BLOCK STENCILS for PAINTING 8 x 10 and 11 x 14

S055 M Oval with Mirror Bells  $8.00 

S055 L Oval with Mirror Bells    $9.00                 


S057 M Arch with Doves & Mirror Bells $8.00

S057 L Arch with Doves & Mirror Bells      $9.00


Block stencils define the artwork without using a second stencil.



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