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Vinyl detail


Vinyl Stencils with Artwork Detail Cut In Vinyl

These stencils are designed for people who like to paint on glass.  Remove the shape of the design from the mirror backing and then apply a second vinyl stencil in the silhouette removed.  Paint with any water based paint.

S075         M Dragon                         $9.50  

S075         L Dragon                          $11.00   


S076 M Peacock with border     $9.50 

S076 L Peacock with border      $11.00   



S077 M Wren                       $9.50   

S077 L Wren                       $11.00    

                  S079 M Knight on Horseback     $9.50

                            S079 L Knight on Horseback   $11.00

                S013 M Oval with Bells        $9.50 

                       S013 L Oval with Bells         $11.00


               S056 M Arch with Doves & Bells     $9.50
               S056 L Arch with Doves & Bells    $11.00                          

            S117 M Corner Flower    $9.50  

            Available in 8x10 only  -* Not recommended for beginners   


                    S118 M Corner Lily        $9.50

                    Available in 8x10 only  - * Not recommended for beginners



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