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Marine Project

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By Irene Jacobs

This will be available again in September on Aussie Gifts and Crafts

I love the softness of chalk and beautiful effects can be achieved using chalk on vinyl. The chalk recommended for this project is by CreaEasy. Stickers are placed onto vinyl and coloured with chalk and then used to create a marine mirror.

When using chalks, place the adhesive side of the sticker onto the adhesive side of the vinyl The chalk will adhere to the adhesive of the vinyl.

Marine Project Pack includes


Marine Sticker pictured right


3 sheets of vinyl 250 x 150


1 sheet of crystal hologram 250x150


Sand sachet

Use chalk applicator or cotton buds to colour the stickers, the chalk will easily adhere to the vinyl.

Bleed colours together for interesting effects. Ensure that the vinyl inside the sticker has a good

covering of chalk and no sticky spots remain. Cut the sticker out - Use small scissors to cut around

the edge of the completed sticker and put aside. Continue until the desired number of stickers

have been completed. For seaweed, colour a section of vinyl in greens and cut out shapes.

Position your shells on the front of your mirror to design your layout. Once satisfied, draw an outline

onto the last piece of vinyl and cut out a strip to define the outline.

Other materials required: - Mirrorcraft Mirror 8x10 Mirrorcraft Silver Remover,

Eraser, Methylated Spirits, Open Weave Cloth, Paper Towel, acid free tape,

Colour chalk

Important: Save 1 sheet of vinyl to use to define your seascape.

Remove backing paper from a sheet of vinyl and lay on a flat surface adhesive side up. Carefully lift

desired stickers off of their backing sheet and place the adhesive side of the sticker onto the

adhesive side of the vinyl. (The two adhesive sides are together). Allow a little room between the

stickers. Before removing the backing paper from the vinyl, you may like to cut the vinyl into sections

and work on a few stickers at a time.

Mirror backing which will

remain mirror

Vinyl to define outline

Vinyl to define outline

Backing paint and silver

to remove

Position this strip onto the mirror backing. If allowing a mirror

border on the bottom add a strip to protect the bottom of the

mirror. If adding a bird in the sky or freestanding effects, define

the outline by drawing around the sticker. If cutting out individual

sticker shapes, cut well inside the line or you may have a gap.

Once your outlines are defined, remove the backing paint and silver from the desired area of the

mirror. Complete outlines first, and then remove the larger area in a few sections. If you are unsure of

the process for removing mirror backing email help@mirrorcraft.com.au for further instructions.

After you have completed removing desired area remove the vinyl and wash and dry the mirror and

put aside. Now remove the backing from the hologram and place adhesive side up.

Position shells where desired

on the hologram. Take care when positioning as the shells cannot be lifted off once the adhere to the


(Make certain

to allow an overlap for positioning the hologram onto the mirror backing.

After all shells, fish seaweed etch have been positioned sprinkle with sand. (Shake

off any excess) The hologram will show through the sand a little adding a slight


To complete, adhere the hologram overlap to the back of the mirror. Secure with

further acid free tape if required and frame.

This will soon be available again in September on Aussie Gifts and Crafts


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