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Mirrorcraft Stencils

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Small Basic Shape Stencils
Medium Basic Shape Stencils

Mirrorcraft Stencils for all Mirror Craft

Mirrorcraft stencils cut from durable vinyl and are used to define any desired design to be removed from a Mirrorcraft  Mirror.  Shapes removed from the mirror backing will have clean defined lines so that the mirror when completed will appear as if the shape was made when the mirror was manufactured.  These stencils are strong enough to hold up to removing the backing of a Mirrorcraft Mirror but can be cut easily with scissors, craft punches or knives to add a personal touch.

Basic shapes are great to define a stand alone shape in a mirror, or can be combined with additional stencil shapes to create an individual custom design.  Pre-cut Mirrorcraft Stencils are available from our on-line store.

The outer vinyl on small Stencils measure 100x150mm. The outer vinyl on medium stencils are 200 x 250mm. Use whatever stencil shape will suit the photo or artwork you would like to frame. 

bulletStep 1: Place stencil onto the back of your Mirrorcraft Mirror
bulletStep 2:  Rub out and remove backing paint and Silver
bulletStep 3:  Place photo/ Artwork inside of the mirror.


Mini Oval with teddy

Mini Oval with Clown

Mini Oval with Fairy



Oval in larger mirror1

Oval in larger Mirror 2

Oval in larger Mirror 3

Medium Rectangle

Medium Rectangle



To make your own custom Mirror you need a

bulletMirrorcraft Mirror (from $5.00)
bulletMirrorcraft Stencil (from $3.00)
bulletMirrorcraft Silver remover (sachet of silver remover included with every Mirrorcraft Mirror)
bulletEraser(Eraser for Mirrorcraft $6.95)


bulletOther materials required:  methylated spirits, paper towel,  open weave cloth.
bulletIf you haven't made a Mirrorcraft Mirror before Fully illustrated instructions are available.
bulletBACK UP HELP LINE FOR ALL MIRRORCRAFTERS  Email:     help@mirrorcraft.com.au


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