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6x4" mirrors and 8x10" mirrors are available from Aussie Gifts and Crafts.  For information on larger mirrors email  admin@mirrorcraft.com.au   

Large mirrors (16x20") 400x500mm are awesome for displaying a complete scrapbook page with style. Mirrors can be crafted to suit your page or you can learn the craft and create your own mirrors.  Lessons available with experienced Mirrorcraft teachers


 Smaller (8x10") 200x250mm mirrors are excellent for displaying your photograph as a mini scrapbook page.  DIY projects available from aussie gifts and crafts


This (6x4") 100x150mm mirror is a fabulous feature on this scrapbook page.  To learn to add mirror to your next page an instruction booklet has been written by Irene Jacobs. 

Packs of 2mm screen board 300x300mm and and double sided mounting 300x300mm are Available from aussie gifts and crafts


Key Benefits

bulletCompleted mirrors are available which have been beautifully handcrafted in Australia, ready to attach your photograph or page
bulletSizes to suit individual photographs or full scrapbook pages.
bulletFrames have decorative lines for you to add your own colour papers to complement your photograph or page.
bulletAdd your own personal touches to your mirror if desired.  Names, plaques, or artwork. See DIY Projects
bulletMirrors can be framed with a standard frame, just replace the glass with mirror.



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