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Etched Glass  Decals

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The Easiest etched glass effects ever!

Personalize your glassware with your name, monogram, star sign, logo, wedding date.  It is simple to do and cost effective.  Personalised Wording decals made to order from $1.50 to $3.00 each.


Single letter monograms

                   2 letter monograms made to order


Order your personalised decals today on-line at aussie gifts and crafts



It is important that glassware is clean before application of decals or the decals will come off when washed.  New glassware will often have a greasy film which has to be removed prior to applying decals.

Wash glasses in hot soapy water or dishwasher to ensure that they are thoroughly clean.  If the glasses still feel filmy after washing remove the greasy film with methylated spirits.

Transfer decal to glassware using adhesive transfer paper

Trim around the design.  Cut a piece of adhesive transfer paper a little larger than the decal you wish to use, remove the backing from the transfer paper to expose the adhesive.  Apply the adhesive side of the transfer paper to the decal and rub to secure.  Slowly remove the backing paper from the decal, the decal should now be on the transfer paper.  Position the decal where desired on your clean glass object and rub to transfer the design.  Leave for 5 minutes and then slowly peel back the transfer paper to remove.  The decal should now be on the glassware.

The transfer paper can be reused.  The glass can be washed normally.   Allow the decal to cure for 10 days before washing in a dishwasher.

NOTE small solid items can be positioned using a pin.

For small designs simply lift the decal off of the backing sheet with a pin and apply where desired on clean glass object.  Rub to secure.

Create your own etch designs at home cutting blank decal sheets using craft punches craft knives or scissors.

Blank Sheets available in Glass Etch, Crystal Etch, Pink, Green and Blue Etch.

The vase and coaster above  were made using blank crystal etch and craft punches to cut out the designs.  After punching out the shapes,  use a pin or transfer paper to position the decal on the clean glassware where desired. Allow to cure for a few days before washing normally.

Add precut decals to compliment a theme.  $5.95 per sheet.  FREE adhesive transfer paper included in pack for easy application. Decals to decorate coasters, glassware, mirrors, doors, cards. 






Key Benefits

bulletSimple to apply, no tools or chemicals required.
bulletDishwasher safe on glassware after 10 days.
bulletCrystal Etch can be Coloured with translucent felt pens for effective decorations for cards
bulletBlank sheets of etch available for creating individual designs - glass etch, crystal etch and coloured etch

Manufactured in Australia by Java Rose International Pty Ltd decals are simple to apply using a pin or adhesive transfer paper.  Decorate glasses for a special occasion.  Can be removed to change your theme.  Wholesale inquiries welcome.





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