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Mirrorcraft is an inexpensive craft to do.  You have few materials and these are used sparingly.  It is the investment in time where you will achieve stunning results.  Supplies for your Mirror craft project are available from Aussie Gifts and crafts

Tools & Products used to place artwork inside of a Mirrorcraft Mirror

Mirrorcraft Mirror - mirrors have been especially made for the craft so that the backing can be selectively removed with ease.  Mirrors are machined so have no sharp edges and are individually boxed and bubble wrapped. The mirrors are in standard rectangular sizes but larger mirrors can generally be cut to any shape by your local glazier.  Cutting mirrors to suit a special frame you may have gives opportunities to add additional style to your furnishings

   Mirror left was cut down to suit this key holder frame

Mirror right was cut into a circle.  This is a beautiful shape for a clock




Mirrorcraft Stencils - stencils are cut from a heavy duty adhesive vinyl.  The vinyl can be cut into any desired shape to mask the mirror backing.  Stencils are machine cut for accuracy but any designs can be cut at home with craft knives, scissors, punches etc.  Stencils are positioned on the painted side of the mirror to define the shape to be removed from the backing paint and silver.

Magic Mirror Remover - (Mirrorcraft Silver Remover) A gentle mildly abrasive paste used to rub away the selected silver from the mirror backing.

Eraser - Used with silver remover around the edges of a stencil to obtain a perfectly defined line.

Supplies for Mirrorcraft are available On-line from Aussie Gifts and Crafts



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